A Day in the Life of

Kelli Fife

What Defines Me

I am a mother of three beautiful, smart, hard working kids and 3 amazing grandchildren. Being a mom has defined me. If there was only one thing I've learned in life, it is how strong the pain can be when your kids hurt or you can't fix their pain. Our jobs as adults and parents should be to prepare your children for what lies ahead in life. We all know that can't be done so most parents try to fix their kids' problems when they arise. I found myself doing this a lot when they were young. As they grew, I learned to sit back and watch them fail. Their failure determined whether they would fight back or cave and give up. I have to say today I feel I've done my job as a parent so far. Were there times I made mistakes? Oh yes! Were there times I wondered if my kids were making horrible decisions. For sure! If I knew I was going to die tomorrow, I would have no worries of their future. No worries of releasing my youngest into the wilderness only for her to survive. 

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